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Retirement gifts for men in South Africa

Ever thought of grandfather clocks as retirement gifts for men in South Africa? Try, for example, Castle Hill – a magnificent and imposing grandfather clock that will delight the heart of any outgoing CEO or CFO. He would never dare to buy it for himself, but you can make that choice for him.
At www.holtzhausen.com we have been providing individuals in with grandfather clocks as retirement gifts for megrandfather_clock_holtzhausen_castle_hill_padaukn in South Africa, since 1974. While the retiring person himself often approaches us for the purchase, having been a closet follower of our website for years, it is also often the company secretary who makes the wise decision to speak through the options with Herman – third generation in the family business.
And why should you have a personal conversation with Herman about this, rather than just “adding to cart”? Herman encourages you to phone him, as he brings with him a wealth of experience in choosing the perfect gift for your retiree. Herman, aged 48, has been matching clocks to happy customers since he was 8 years old, and working with his father at their stand at the Rand Show. Knowing which clock your retiree may like, what wood type to choose and how big or small a mechanism he or she should chose, is something that comes as a second nature to Herman. His secret lies first and foremost, in listening. Listening to you as the company secretary choosing the gift, or listening to you as the retiree, about to make a purchase that is going to stay with you and your children, for generations to come.
“Let’s make the details matter.” Is one of the maxims that Herman lives by. So he offers you a choice of traditional and modern time pieces on the family website – he considers with you whether you want an imported clock, or a timepiece crafted in South Africa, created from indigenous African wood. He will consider with you, the other furniture in the room where the clock is going to stand. He will always suggest a contrast, rather than an attempt at matching. The clock, as a luxurious and magnificent item of furniture, is not a wallflower, and wants to draw the eye to its splendour. But what contrast you choose with for example, the Castle Hill, is as yet an unknown, the conclusion that will be arrived at after extensive and concerned discussion.