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Retirement gifts for Dad

We have been specialising in retirement gifts for Dad since 1974. Sit in the comfort of your own home and click through our online catalogue that contains a wide variety of South African and imported clocks and music boxes. Whether your budget is R16,000 or R120,000, we can help you.

Consider, for example, the Paarlberg grandfather clock, which sells for R37,000. Made from fine African hardwoods, and fitted with a world class German mechanism, this clock will grace any home with its beauty and mystique. If you add to its already legendary status, that it was bought from retirement gifts for Dad online, then you are starting a legacy that can stay with your family for generations to come.
At Holtzhausen Clocks we specialise in advising our clients about exactly what clock design and wood type they can choose, to ensure that the retirement gifts for Dad are as custom made as possible, and suit the personality of the Dad in question.
What we often find is that the Dad’s themselves have been closet followers of our website for years before they are able to make the purchase. So maybe he already knows exactly what clock design and wood type he wants – having simply kept his choice a secret as he doesn’t want the family to feel bad about not buying it for him earlier.
At retirement time however, school and university fees have been paid, cars purchased for young adults leaving home, and the bond is finally paid off. It’s the ideal time to buy retirement gifts for Dad who has spent his life providing for everyone else in the family. Phone us on 011-678 7722 to discuss your purchase.