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Retirement gifts

Groot WinterhoekbergFinding an appropriate retirement gift is always a big task. For the best selection of retirement gifts available in South Africa, visit our website www.holtzhausen.com . There you will find a selection of the most imposing grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks, which will make any CEO or CFO feel special and valued for his contribution to the company over the years.

Find a retirement gift is usually given to the PA or company secretary, the task delegated to him or her by a concerned committee. Fulfilling that mandate however, is a lot more difficult. What do you buy someone who has given his entire working life to your business, and who is going to go home to face a void in his daily life hereafter? A pair of socks is simply not good enough. Stationary, or a classy pen, is always an option. But those can get lost, run out of ink and be made redundant in an odd drawer. It really is worth looking at, and considering a clock or music box from our range on www.holtzhausen.com .

The advantages of a clock is that it is a luxury gift that marks the passage of time, but not in a negative way. Look for instance, at the Groot Winterhoekberg. This stately clock will become a classy piece of furniture in any one’s home. The myths and legends associated with clocks will make any retiring CEO, his wife and his family, proud to be awarded such a time piece. With its slow methodical chiming, it will measure and extend the days, months and years of life that the person retiring still has ahead of him. If R120,000 is out of your budget price range, then consider one of our more modest but equally imposing grandmother, or wall clocks.

There is something about the ritual of winding up a clock once a week, that extends time – fills in the minutes and lends itself to a life appreciated and considered. Surely there is no better gift that you can give the person in your company to whom you want to show your absolute appreciation for all that he has done over the years?

And while we are talking about wind-ups, if the person retiring is a woman, then you may want to move away from considering a grandfather clock, and go for something far more feminine. If this is the case we have a range of beautiful handcrafter music boxes that are not only beautiful items of display, but once wound up emit the wonders of mechanical music, taking the listeners into a bygone era. The music mechanism can be inserted into incense holders, jewellery boxes or custom made hand crafter wooden boxes that are valued for their simplistic beauty.

By giving your retiring company member either a music box, a grandfather clock or a wall clock, you are giving them an heirloom that will be remembered by their children and their children’s children, for generations to come.