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Retirement gift

grandfather_clock_holtzhausen_castle_hill_padaukI can just hear you sitting there at your computer, saying to yourself, “A grandfather clock is a brilliant idea as a retirement gift, but how the hell am I going to get it here? I am just a secretary with a Toyota Carolla!” Before you imagine having to fold down the passenger seat and have the bottom part of the clock protruding out the back passenger window, I want to reassure you that if you do purchase one of our high quality luxurious clocks as a retirement gift for your outgoing CEO, then we will happily deliver it.
“But I am sitting in Kuruman!” I can hear you mumbling doubtfully further. And my answer to that next layer of worry is to reassure you that, “We will even deliver personally, to Kuruman”. You see, my husband Herman and I, have travelled definitely on every national road in this country, and almost definitely on almost all the main rural arteries in our country, transporting prized and sought after high quality grandfather clocks to the most rural and remote areas, delivering a clock as a retirement gift to happy customers. From Richard’s Bay to Villiersdorp, from Sekunda to Klerksdorp – no platteland dorp is too far for us. It’s part of the service we offer on www.holtzhausen.com and as part of that service, we understand the sensitivities associated with choosing a retirement gift for an outgoing CEO who has given his life to your company.

It’s simply not like Christmas, where a pair of mohair socks will do. The retirement gift you choose for your employee is going to be the final word and the parting thought, that will stay with him forever when he thinks back to the years and years that he dedicated to your company. In a year’s time he will have forgotten the moving words said at the party, by the incoming CEO and the hundreds of handshakes (golden or not) from the company employees will fade on his fingers. So how do you ensure that he remembers your appreciation?

It’s worth considering purchasing a grandfather clock from www.holtzhausen. It is gift that will last for generations, a gift that will speak of great beauty and mechanical genius on a daily basis, and remind him that he had great worth at your company. It’s a retirement gift that will speak volumes, when he is no longer among his employees and staff members, to hear that appreciation on a daily basis.
How many of us don’t have family heirlooms of clocks or pens or cups or watches, dedicated to our grandfather’s who worked for “the firm” for 40 years before retiring, and who were able to bring home a gift of enduring quality, that could stay in the family and tell of his life, for generations to come?
Your purchase of a clock as a retirement gift is the start of yet another such legacy.
Retirement gift ideas

At Holtzhausen Clocks, we have been specialising in providing top quality retirement gift ideas for corporate and businesses, since 1974. Look for example, at just one of our high end grandfather clocks, Castle Hill. Any company wanting to honour a retiring CEO or CFO, could only be proud of themselves as they hand over such a timepiece at a good bye ceremony, to a longstanding employee to whom they want to show deep appreciation.

If Castle Hill is out of your price range, feel free to choose from our selection of wall clocks or music boxes.

There is more than one reason why you should study our website for retirement gift ideas. Not only do our clocks speak of absolute long lasting quality, but our history also speaks of good service. What often started as a look at our website for retirement gift ideas, ended in the purchase of a top quality grandfather like Castle Hill, and the beginning of a good friendship.

You see, my husband, Herman and I, have been delivering retirement gifts to happy customers all over South Africa for the past 14 years, ever since we took over the family business from the generation before us. And because we love travelling, delivering clocks as retirement gift ideas to customers in all corners of the country, has always been a joy to us. I have memories of driving along gravel roads in the deepest rural areas of the Natal Midlands, with the grandfather clock safely packed in the back of our single cab Hilux bakkie, as we made our way to the goodbye ceremony of one of the top Sugar Industry suppliers retiring CEO. The next day, after the ceremony, we wound our way back through those same rolling hills, to pick up the clock and transport it to his home where we spent an hour or two explaining his new duties, as a clock owner, to him. I will never forget the tears that came to his eyes as he remembered with gratitude, the thought and effort that the company secretary had gone to, to ensure that he received a gift that genuinely expressed how much they appreciated the years of his life that he had dedicated to the company.

It is really hard to find a gift that conveys that appreciation. We can guarantee you that a clock does.
In terms of rural areas, we have also made deliveries in Sekunda, Polokwane, Potgietersrus, Nelspruit, Villiersdorp and Klerksdorp. So I want to reassure you, as you peruse our website and think, “This retirement idea is perfect! But how are we going to get it here?” That the delivery and set up need be no concern of yours – Herman and I have that covered. We literally deliver personally, nationwide, to all rural corners of our beautiful country.