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Retirement gift Music Boxes

Retirement gift music boxes are ideal presents for outgoing CEOs or CFOs. They are also perfect both for men and women. We at Holtzhausen Clocks and Music Boxes have been specialising in retirement gifts Music Boxes for over 10 years. We love what we do, because we love providing established and successful people, with luxurious and long lasting retirement gift Music Boxes.

Singing BirdsSinging birds
Take for example, Singing Birds. A beautifully gilded cage (with a choice of 3 different metals), with 2 delicate birds that move as the fully mechanical (but hidden) bellows, produce birdsong that will enchant your guests. As you enter retirement, create a ritual of winding the singing birds every Sunday when your grandchildren come to visit. Let the birdsong witness the passage of time and the growth of your descendents – catch all these memories in retirement gift Music Boxes.
The beauty about Singing Birds, is that it is compact. Unlike our other retirement gifts such as grandfather clocks, the Singing Birds can go with you when you scale down. It can be easily housed in a duplex or a town house security estate, and still bring with it the grandeur of your previous life. So what used to delight your grandchildren in Saxonworld or Kloof will still please them in your retirement home. (And wink, it will still give you time to decide which of your children is most delighted by it, and deserves to receive it from your Estate!).
Retirement gift Music Boxes are more than mood setters in the most positive sense of the word, they are also conversation pieces. In a world where we are used to electronic sounds and melodies for everything from alarm clocks to cell phone rings, the number of conversations that can be had by a group of people simply looking at an object of beauty that has mechanical music, are numerous. So when you have those awkward moments with guests who you don’t know what to say to, don’t worry about speaking. Simply wind up your fully mechanical Singing Birds and the conversation will flow by itself.
Trust me. We have been selling retirement Gift Music Boxes for over 15 years, and grandfather clocks as retirement gifts since 1974.