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Retirement gifts

Finding an appropriate retirement gift is always a big task. For the best selection of retirement gifts available in South Africa, visit our website www.holtzhausen.com . There you will find a selection of the most imposing grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks, which will make any CEO or CFO feel special and valued for his contribution […]

Retirement gift

I can just hear you sitting there at your computer, saying to yourself, “A grandfather clock is a brilliant idea as a retirement gift, but how the hell am I going to get it here? I am just a secretary with a Toyota Carolla!” Before you imagine having to fold down the passenger seat and […]

Retirement gifts for men in South Africa

  At Holtzhausen Clocks we have been delivering prized and sought after retirement gifts to happy customers, all over South Africa, since 1974. With a wide range of Grandfather, Wall and Mantelpiece clocks, as well as a selection of hand-made Swiss imported music boxes, we have yet to meet a customer we cannot satisfy. Once […]

Retirement gifts for men in South Africa

Ever thought of grandfather clocks as retirement gifts for men in South Africa? Try, for example, Castle Hill – a magnificent and imposing grandfather clock that will delight the heart of any outgoing CEO or CFO. He would never dare to buy it for himself, but you can make that choice for him. At www.holtzhausen.com […]

Retirement gifts for Dad

We have been specialising in retirement gifts for Dad since 1974. Sit in the comfort of your own home and click through our online catalogue that contains a wide variety of South African and imported clocks and music boxes. Whether your budget is R16,000 or R120,000, we can help you. Consider, for example, the Paarlberg […]

Retirement Gifts South Africa

At Holtzhausen we specialise in providing top quality retirement gifts in South Africa. Just consider Dolce Vita. Swiss made but available as retirement gifs in South Africa through www.holtzhausen.com Why Dolce Vita? Because it is unusual. Why Dolce Vita? Because it is a hand crafted music box with mechanical music that speaks of quality and […]

Retirement gift Music Boxes

Retirement gift music boxes are ideal presents for outgoing CEOs or CFOs. They are also perfect both for men and women. We at Holtzhausen Clocks and Music Boxes have been specialising in retirement gifts Music Boxes for over 10 years. We love what we do, because we love providing established and successful people, with luxurious […]

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg-easy does it. If you’re looking for clocks for sale in Johannesburg you have to look no further than Melville. Yes, as easy as that. Holtzhausen has been operating with Johannesburg as their base since the early 1970’s. In our showroom, open 7 days a week by appointment, one will find […]

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks Tick Tock time, also known as Holtzhausen Clocks, has been a stalwart stand at the Rand Easter Show since the early 70’s.  For a full range of our grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks see our website www.holtzhausen.com where you will also find a selection of music boxes and cuckoo clocks. While […]

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock Looking for a clock, are you? Then look online for the best prices in the UK at www.grandfatherclocks.co.uk . The website has a selection of Howard Miller clocks at the best prices, including more details and pictures of the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125. A clock is a clock […]