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Retirement gifts

Groot WinterhoekbergFinding an appropriate retirement gift is always a big task. For the best selection of retirement gifts available in South Africa, visit our website www.holtzhausen.com . There you will find a selection of the most imposing grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks, which will make any CEO or CFO feel special and valued for his contribution to the company over the years.

Find a retirement gift is usually given to the PA or company secretary, the task delegated to him or her by a concerned committee. Fulfilling that mandate however, is a lot more difficult. What do you buy someone who has given his entire working life to your business, and who is going to go home to face a void in his daily life hereafter? A pair of socks is simply not good enough. Stationary, or a classy pen, is always an option. But those can get lost, run out of ink and be made redundant in an odd drawer. It really is worth looking at, and considering a clock or music box from our range on www.holtzhausen.com .

The advantages of a clock is that it is a luxury gift that marks the passage of time, but not in a negative way. Look for instance, at the Groot Winterhoekberg. This stately clock will become a classy piece of furniture in any one’s home. The myths and legends associated with clocks will make any retiring CEO, his wife and his family, proud to be awarded such a time piece. With its slow methodical chiming, it will measure and extend the days, months and years of life that the person retiring still has ahead of him. If R120,000 is out of your budget price range, then consider one of our more modest but equally imposing grandmother, or wall clocks.

There is something about the ritual of winding up a clock once a week, that extends time – fills in the minutes and lends itself to a life appreciated and considered. Surely there is no better gift that you can give the person in your company to whom you want to show your absolute appreciation for all that he has done over the years?

And while we are talking about wind-ups, if the person retiring is a woman, then you may want to move away from considering a grandfather clock, and go for something far more feminine. If this is the case we have a range of beautiful handcrafter music boxes that are not only beautiful items of display, but once wound up emit the wonders of mechanical music, taking the listeners into a bygone era. The music mechanism can be inserted into incense holders, jewellery boxes or custom made hand crafter wooden boxes that are valued for their simplistic beauty.

By giving your retiring company member either a music box, a grandfather clock or a wall clock, you are giving them an heirloom that will be remembered by their children and their children’s children, for generations to come.

Retirement gift

grandfather_clock_holtzhausen_castle_hill_padaukI can just hear you sitting there at your computer, saying to yourself, “A grandfather clock is a brilliant idea as a retirement gift, but how the hell am I going to get it here? I am just a secretary with a Toyota Carolla!” Before you imagine having to fold down the passenger seat and have the bottom part of the clock protruding out the back passenger window, I want to reassure you that if you do purchase one of our high quality luxurious clocks as a retirement gift for your outgoing CEO, then we will happily deliver it.
“But I am sitting in Kuruman!” I can hear you mumbling doubtfully further. And my answer to that next layer of worry is to reassure you that, “We will even deliver personally, to Kuruman”. You see, my husband Herman and I, have travelled definitely on every national road in this country, and almost definitely on almost all the main rural arteries in our country, transporting prized and sought after high quality grandfather clocks to the most rural and remote areas, delivering a clock as a retirement gift to happy customers. From Richard’s Bay to Villiersdorp, from Sekunda to Klerksdorp – no platteland dorp is too far for us. It’s part of the service we offer on www.holtzhausen.com and as part of that service, we understand the sensitivities associated with choosing a retirement gift for an outgoing CEO who has given his life to your company.

It’s simply not like Christmas, where a pair of mohair socks will do. The retirement gift you choose for your employee is going to be the final word and the parting thought, that will stay with him forever when he thinks back to the years and years that he dedicated to your company. In a year’s time he will have forgotten the moving words said at the party, by the incoming CEO and the hundreds of handshakes (golden or not) from the company employees will fade on his fingers. So how do you ensure that he remembers your appreciation?

It’s worth considering purchasing a grandfather clock from www.holtzhausen. It is gift that will last for generations, a gift that will speak of great beauty and mechanical genius on a daily basis, and remind him that he had great worth at your company. It’s a retirement gift that will speak volumes, when he is no longer among his employees and staff members, to hear that appreciation on a daily basis.
How many of us don’t have family heirlooms of clocks or pens or cups or watches, dedicated to our grandfather’s who worked for “the firm” for 40 years before retiring, and who were able to bring home a gift of enduring quality, that could stay in the family and tell of his life, for generations to come?
Your purchase of a clock as a retirement gift is the start of yet another such legacy.
Retirement gift ideas

At Holtzhausen Clocks, we have been specialising in providing top quality retirement gift ideas for corporate and businesses, since 1974. Look for example, at just one of our high end grandfather clocks, Castle Hill. Any company wanting to honour a retiring CEO or CFO, could only be proud of themselves as they hand over such a timepiece at a good bye ceremony, to a longstanding employee to whom they want to show deep appreciation.

If Castle Hill is out of your price range, feel free to choose from our selection of wall clocks or music boxes.

There is more than one reason why you should study our website for retirement gift ideas. Not only do our clocks speak of absolute long lasting quality, but our history also speaks of good service. What often started as a look at our website for retirement gift ideas, ended in the purchase of a top quality grandfather like Castle Hill, and the beginning of a good friendship.

You see, my husband, Herman and I, have been delivering retirement gifts to happy customers all over South Africa for the past 14 years, ever since we took over the family business from the generation before us. And because we love travelling, delivering clocks as retirement gift ideas to customers in all corners of the country, has always been a joy to us. I have memories of driving along gravel roads in the deepest rural areas of the Natal Midlands, with the grandfather clock safely packed in the back of our single cab Hilux bakkie, as we made our way to the goodbye ceremony of one of the top Sugar Industry suppliers retiring CEO. The next day, after the ceremony, we wound our way back through those same rolling hills, to pick up the clock and transport it to his home where we spent an hour or two explaining his new duties, as a clock owner, to him. I will never forget the tears that came to his eyes as he remembered with gratitude, the thought and effort that the company secretary had gone to, to ensure that he received a gift that genuinely expressed how much they appreciated the years of his life that he had dedicated to the company.

It is really hard to find a gift that conveys that appreciation. We can guarantee you that a clock does.
In terms of rural areas, we have also made deliveries in Sekunda, Polokwane, Potgietersrus, Nelspruit, Villiersdorp and Klerksdorp. So I want to reassure you, as you peruse our website and think, “This retirement idea is perfect! But how are we going to get it here?” That the delivery and set up need be no concern of yours – Herman and I have that covered. We literally deliver personally, nationwide, to all rural corners of our beautiful country.

Retirement gifts for men in South Africa

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg showroom

Holtzhausen Clocks for sale in Johannesburg showroom


At Holtzhausen Clocks we have been delivering prized and sought after retirement gifts to happy customers, all over South Africa, since 1974. With a wide range of Grandfather, Wall and Mantelpiece clocks, as well as a selection of hand-made Swiss imported music boxes, we have yet to meet a customer we cannot satisfy.

Once you have made you selection online, with telephonic advice and support from Herman himself, you can sit back and relax knowing that your custom made gift will arrive at your venue of choice, on time. And with the delivery comes the expertise of a family business that has been providing retirement gifts for men in South Africa since 1974.

The recipient of your gift will not only be delighted by the quality and magnificence of his gift, but he will also be given guidance by Herman, as to how to maintain his time piece. He will assist him in setting the time, the balance and the moondial. He will be advised as to how to nourish the wood of his cabinet, and he will be given the assurance of telephonic support in the future, should he ever want advice about his clock in anyway.

Because you don’t just buy a clock when you buy a clock from www.holtzhausen.com You also buy a relationship that will stay with you for as long as your clock lasts. Which can be for generations.
And the good news, is that when I say we have been providing retirement gifts for men in South Africa since 1974, I mean the whole of South Africa. There is hardly a suburb or a town in our country that does not have a Holtzhausen Clock in one of it’s houses. From Boksburg to Dunkeld, from Kloof to Sekunda, from Reitz to Wolmaransstad, we have delivered, and will continue to deliver, country wide.
Phone us for assistance and advice about size, design, woodtype and chimes. Herman and I will be more than happy to assist you!

Retirement gifts for men in South Africa

Ever thought of grandfather clocks as retirement gifts for men in South Africa? Try, for example, Castle Hill – a magnificent and imposing grandfather clock that will delight the heart of any outgoing CEO or CFO. He would never dare to buy it for himself, but you can make that choice for him.
At www.holtzhausen.com we have been providing individuals in with grandfather clocks as retirement gifts for megrandfather_clock_holtzhausen_castle_hill_padaukn in South Africa, since 1974. While the retiring person himself often approaches us for the purchase, having been a closet follower of our website for years, it is also often the company secretary who makes the wise decision to speak through the options with Herman – third generation in the family business.
And why should you have a personal conversation with Herman about this, rather than just “adding to cart”? Herman encourages you to phone him, as he brings with him a wealth of experience in choosing the perfect gift for your retiree. Herman, aged 48, has been matching clocks to happy customers since he was 8 years old, and working with his father at their stand at the Rand Show. Knowing which clock your retiree may like, what wood type to choose and how big or small a mechanism he or she should chose, is something that comes as a second nature to Herman. His secret lies first and foremost, in listening. Listening to you as the company secretary choosing the gift, or listening to you as the retiree, about to make a purchase that is going to stay with you and your children, for generations to come.
“Let’s make the details matter.” Is one of the maxims that Herman lives by. So he offers you a choice of traditional and modern time pieces on the family website – he considers with you whether you want an imported clock, or a timepiece crafted in South Africa, created from indigenous African wood. He will consider with you, the other furniture in the room where the clock is going to stand. He will always suggest a contrast, rather than an attempt at matching. The clock, as a luxurious and magnificent item of furniture, is not a wallflower, and wants to draw the eye to its splendour. But what contrast you choose with for example, the Castle Hill, is as yet an unknown, the conclusion that will be arrived at after extensive and concerned discussion.

Retirement gifts for Dad

We have been specialising in retirement gifts for Dad since 1974. Sit in the comfort of your own home and click through our online catalogue that contains a wide variety of South African and imported clocks and music boxes. Whether your budget is R16,000 or R120,000, we can help you.

Consider, for example, the Paarlberg grandfather clock, which sells for R37,000. Made from fine African hardwoods, and fitted with a world class German mechanism, this clock will grace any home with its beauty and mystique. If you add to its already legendary status, that it was bought from retirement gifts for Dad online, then you are starting a legacy that can stay with your family for generations to come.
At Holtzhausen Clocks we specialise in advising our clients about exactly what clock design and wood type they can choose, to ensure that the retirement gifts for Dad are as custom made as possible, and suit the personality of the Dad in question.
What we often find is that the Dad’s themselves have been closet followers of our website for years before they are able to make the purchase. So maybe he already knows exactly what clock design and wood type he wants – having simply kept his choice a secret as he doesn’t want the family to feel bad about not buying it for him earlier.
At retirement time however, school and university fees have been paid, cars purchased for young adults leaving home, and the bond is finally paid off. It’s the ideal time to buy retirement gifts for Dad who has spent his life providing for everyone else in the family. Phone us on 011-678 7722 to discuss your purchase.

Retirement Gifts South Africa

At Holtzhausen we specialise in providing top quality retirement gifts in South Africa.

Just consider Dolce Vita. Swiss made but available as retirement gifs in South Africa through www.holtzhausen.com Why Dolce Vita? Because it is unusual. Why Dolce Vita? Because it is a hand crafted music box with mechanical music that speaks of quality and lasting craftsmanship. Unlike a cell phone, it does not simply stop working after 24 months. Why Dolce Vita? Because it has 15 melodies, 72 notes and 5 cylinders.
Along with clocks and watches, Dolce Vitadolce_vita_axa728256003 and other music boxes are ideal retirement gifts in South Africa. Made to last, quality driven and focusing on beauty in the finest details, Dolce Vita is a gift that will not only deeply please the recipient, but will Wow his or her friends whenever the lid is lifted, the music box is wound, and the melody plays. Children in particular will be fascinated by how the pins on the cylinder result in fine mechanical music – it’s not electronic, it is visible and comprehensible.
Set in a box made from burr walnut with a floral inlay, the Dolce Vita on display in your lounge will raise the bar. It takes interior decorating to a new level. It speaks of calmness and of time. Played regularly and calmly enough, its melody will start to trap peace and tranquillity in your home space.

Retirement gift Music Boxes

Retirement gift music boxes are ideal presents for outgoing CEOs or CFOs. They are also perfect both for men and women. We at Holtzhausen Clocks and Music Boxes have been specialising in retirement gifts Music Boxes for over 10 years. We love what we do, because we love providing established and successful people, with luxurious and long lasting retirement gift Music Boxes.

Singing BirdsSinging birds
Take for example, Singing Birds. A beautifully gilded cage (with a choice of 3 different metals), with 2 delicate birds that move as the fully mechanical (but hidden) bellows, produce birdsong that will enchant your guests. As you enter retirement, create a ritual of winding the singing birds every Sunday when your grandchildren come to visit. Let the birdsong witness the passage of time and the growth of your descendents – catch all these memories in retirement gift Music Boxes.
The beauty about Singing Birds, is that it is compact. Unlike our other retirement gifts such as grandfather clocks, the Singing Birds can go with you when you scale down. It can be easily housed in a duplex or a town house security estate, and still bring with it the grandeur of your previous life. So what used to delight your grandchildren in Saxonworld or Kloof will still please them in your retirement home. (And wink, it will still give you time to decide which of your children is most delighted by it, and deserves to receive it from your Estate!).
Retirement gift Music Boxes are more than mood setters in the most positive sense of the word, they are also conversation pieces. In a world where we are used to electronic sounds and melodies for everything from alarm clocks to cell phone rings, the number of conversations that can be had by a group of people simply looking at an object of beauty that has mechanical music, are numerous. So when you have those awkward moments with guests who you don’t know what to say to, don’t worry about speaking. Simply wind up your fully mechanical Singing Birds and the conversation will flow by itself.
Trust me. We have been selling retirement Gift Music Boxes for over 15 years, and grandfather clocks as retirement gifts since 1974.

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg-easy does it.

If you’re looking for clocks for sale in Johannesburg you have to look no further than Melville. Yes, as easy as that. Holtzhausen has been operating with Johannesburg as their base since the early 1970’s.

Clocks for sale in Johannesburg showroom

Holtzhausen Clocks for sale in Johannesburg showroom

In our showroom, open 7 days a week by appointment, one will find antique clocks and Limited Edition rare hardwood handcrafted grandfather and wall clock. Holtzhausen also stocks Reuge Swiss Music Boxes, Cuckoo clocks, Kieninger clocks and Howard Miller clocks. As you can see we can virtually source any clock you like if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll either manufacture the case to your specification, source it locally or import it from Kieninger, Hermle or Howard Miller.

Melville is home to many street cafes, artists, academics and entrepreneurs. It is an unpretentious vibrant suburb of Johannesburg where you can expect to pay less than you would in any High Street. So, come and visit us, just contact us to make an appointment and to get our street address. One of us will be there to spend quality time with you. We do have safe off street parking.

We would love to meet you.

All the best

Herman Holtzhausen

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks

Tick Tock time, also known as Holtzhausen Clocks, has been a stalwart stand at the Rand Easter Show since the early 70’s.  For a full range of our grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks see our website www.holtzhausen.com where you will also find a selection of music boxes and cuckoo clocks.

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks

Rand Show Grandfather Clocks

While we will not be exhibiting physically at the Rand Easter Show this year, we are still waiting to surprise and honour you with our selection of fully mechanical grandfather, wall and mantelpiece clocks.

On special in March 2014 this year, rather than being one of the Rand Show Grandfather Clocks, we have in our showroom a top of the range 9 Tubular Bell grandfather clock on special.  While this clock normally sells for R120,000, because this clock is showroom stock we are selling it at R95,000 for the period of March 2014. It’s a Rand Show Grandfather Clocks special, for all those customers who have visited us there year in and year out, and who would like to follow up on their long standing wish to own a Grandfather Clock bought from Tick Tock Time.

Tick Tock Time was started in 1974 by Adv.Nic Holtzhausen, and after his death in 1978 his wife, Cornelia, continued with the business.   Each year at Easter, Corrie with her son Herman, and later when she remarried Johan Viviers, were seen at the Rand Show exhibiting grandfather clocks made from the finest African wood types. When Herman took over the family business in 1998 he expanded it nationally and renamed the business Holtzhausen Clocks.  The national footprint that he established took the business away from being the Rand Show Grandfather clocks business, to it becoming the household name associated with grandfather clocks all over the country.

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

Looking for a clock, are you? Then look online for the best prices in the UK at www.grandfatherclocks.co.uk . The website has a selection of Howard Miller clocks at the best prices, including more details and pictures of the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125.

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

A clock is a clock is a clock? Not so.  A clock is a work of art, a clock is interior decor, a clock is a purchase of a lifetime. The chiming of a clock will stay with you for longer than the babbling of your new born baby.  It will chime as your child starts school, it will chime as she learns the alphabet and it will keep tabs on her arithmetic as she learns the basics.  Later, it will chime, giving her the fright of her life as she sneaks out of the front door at night. Now that is a story to tell her friends… “My Dad has this clock, I have listened to it chiming all my life, but at that moment when I was quietly opening the front door to get to you girls, it chimed and I heard it as if for the first time in life! I nearly screamed and gave myself away. Fortunately I kept my mouth closed, and unlike Cinderella, I got OUT of the house when it chimed 12!”

And you, at that moment at 12 midnight? Well, you by that time will be so used to your purchase of a grandfather clock, that you will find yourself waking up if the clock DOESN’T chime.  Crazy as it sounds, that is what happens to clock owners, and as such, owners of the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 clock.  You wake up if it is silent! Not initially of course. When you buy it at first it may take you 2 days to sleep through the night again as at that stage you may just wake ever hour or quarter of the hour as it chimes through the night. 

If it really gets to you though, the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 does come with an automatic night shut off.  So if you are not willing to go through the slightly painful but very rewarding in the long term initiation steps, then you could chose to activate the night shut off from the very beginning. It will make your teenage daughter’s life easier too, in the long run!

The Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock is a modern purchase for the simple and minimalist home, where ancient values still pervade. It is Zen. It will not clutter. It does not demand attention, but blends in subtly. It is going to last.

With its fully mechanical Kieninger movement it will measure the passage of time in your modern home as your children become parents, and you become grandparents.  Like all good mechanical movements, it will remain with you and your loved ones beyond your lifetime.